Thoughts on Painting

I want my paintings to uplift, inspire, bring joy and possibly transport people to new levels of awareness ; whether it be visual, mental or spiritual. It is not necessary for the viewer to see in a painting what the artist maybe seeing. Often a viewer will see or interpret a shape in a way that I did not see. That makes the painting inter-active. My paintings don't all need interpretation.
I love moving paint around a canvas, using colours that interact with each other and with the whole. Often I spend a long time working on one colour to make it work with the whole painting. Then when it is viewed on screen, on different computers, the colours maybe different in hue or intensity.
 I work with acrylics on canvas, and very occasionally with oils. It is never obvious which colour to choose or which mark to make, although when I am working in a flowing way without distractions the next move ‘speaks’ to me. 

© Gillian Palmer 2013